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Mining Industry Overview

The mining and resources sector is one of the largest and most dynamic contributors to Australia’s GDP, with an extensive footprint across Western Australia. While mining continues to be a significant economic driver, the very nature of the industry’s activities also comes with significant and highly-specialised risks that need to be thoroughly assessed, deeply understood and carefully mitigated.

The advisors at Westside have worked, hands-on, to protect the interests of mining and mining services contractors for many decades. Each year we continue to partner with a broad range of resources operators, large and small, delivering outstanding real-world support with a focus on protecting their people, mobile equipment and property, whilst also managing liability and professional risks.

Our experience in the placement and management of risk specific to Australia’s mining and resources sector, coupled with our practical mining industry experience, enables us to provide valued, real-world support to mining contractors and service providers, year after year.

Key policy considerations:

• Public liability and work to worker exposure
• Fleet exposure for above and below ground vehicles
• Directors and officers liabilities

A people-focused business manager, Michael places a high level of importance on creating long-term relationships of value and trust. Spearheading Westside Insurance Specialists for almost 10 years, and in the insurance industry for almost two decades, Michael is well credentialed to provide stellar insurance solutions for his client base.

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