Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and officers can be held under scrutiny from their stakeholders.

Protecting your Business

As a director or officer, you are at risk of being held personally liable for business decisions made in good faith. And even if you aren’t ultimately found to be liable, the cost of defending yourself can still be significant.

What does this Liability Insurance policy cover?

  • directors’ and officers’ liability cover for non-indemnifiable directors’ and officers’ liabilities
  • company reimbursement cover for indemnifiable directors’ and officers’ liabilities
  • representation expenses at inquiries (no allegation of wrongful act required)
  • company securities cover
  • inquiry/defence costs for WH&S investigations/proceedings
  • pecuniary penalties (as permitted by law)
  • optional employment practices liability.

We are ideally placed to discuss your specific business situation with relation to this type cover.

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