Risk Management

Are you sure you are covered for all your business activities? Or only some of them?
Just as important as understanding what your business is covered for, is knowing what isn’t covered.

That means asking questions…

Have you entered into contracts that have the potential of creating unintentional uninsured exposures?

Are you covered for all the legal jurisdictions that you operate in?

What if you are importing or exporting products?

Are you covered for liability arising out of your contractors and sub-contractors?

Are the legal expenses of the claim inclusive or exclusive of the sum insured?

Do you have an occurrence wording or a claims made wording and how does this impact on your business?

Do you really know what all those exclusions on your policy wording mean?

These are all important questions and they’re all areas we at Westside can assist with.

Make Better Decisions Along the Way.
Arrive at a Better Destination.